5 Best android apps, 2016 Reviewed


Android-Icon (1)The app fever is at an all-time high, what with the entire population being obsessed with the latest smartphones, android apps are one thing that is in an ever increasing demand by phone users of every age group. To keep up with this demand, android developers are always releasing new and better apps to meet consumer needs. However, with the plethora of these apps on the market, how would you, as a consumer know which ones are a better choice than others? More often than not, a pretty handy app of extreme use sits right under your nose, but invisible, just because you are unable to point it out. To make sure this doesn’t happen this year, we have rounded up the best Android apps 2016, reviewed to give you an insight on what’s hot in the app world this year. So, without further wait, here are the 5 best android apps, 2016 has seen to date. [Read More..]


The Best GPS Mobile Apps Reviewed


Vector navigation / route map XXL detailed iconOne of the many questions that people ask on a normal day basis is “how do I get there”. You would think with so many sign post up around the city, people would find their way about easily. Not everyone, however, is able to look and follow every stand-up sign and post to get to their destination. If I start writing about the many ways people lose track of directions and end up being lost, it would probably go on forever! Thankfully, there is a solution to these frequent, yet unneeded adventures. Innovative GPS apps are the key to all your missed signs and forgotten turns. However, with so many of the apps available for download from the app store, it can be pretty difficult to find the best GPS mobile apps. Reviewed to be effective for different qualities, each app has some attribute that outshines its competitors. However, to help you decide, here the 4 best GPS mobile apps, reviewed thoroughly for your especial benefit. [Read More..]


WeChat Mobile App Review


wechat-icon-9Have you ever heard of an app that could literally give you all functions in one? Let’s say you wanted to order a pizza or that you decided to book a taxi, even better, how about sending an email? All this couldn’t possibly be done using the same app, right? Wrong! We are here to introduce you to the app that could only exist in your wildest dreams. Yes, if you ever heard of WeChat you would know that no other app could offer you such diverse functions and yet so smoothly! Many people have been curious about the hype is and whether or not to download WeChat. So, we set to do exactly what we are best at doing, digging! Thankfully, we came across many features and armed with them, here is the WeChat mobile app reviewed thoroughly for all its features. [Read More..]